“Her diets and exercise were paying off. She lost weight and began to look svelte. And, as she said: ‘I developed a burning ambition -as only a too-fat seventeen-year-old can burn- to become a good actress. I got to know a few of the other girls Mr Sheehan was also grooming and I felt each of them had advantages I did not. This was an added incentive for me to work twice as hard. I paid strict attention to the acting coach and to the woman who trained me to project my voice. At home I’d lock myself in the bathroom, stand in front of a mirror over the sink, and practice for hours. I learn to correct flaws in my posture and pose for pictures in the studio gallery for hours without complaining. It didn’t require my being a genius to realize Fox was spending a great deal of time and money on my behalf and intended for them to get their money’s worth!” - Rita Hayworth on her early training years at the Fox Studios